Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

It hasn't been too good recently with my 3 gals. They had been sick for more than 1 month and spending more than 1K on their medical fees!

It all started out with Rachel, don't know where she got her virus from, started coughing and running nose. After visiting the GP, she was better, but spread the virus to the maid. This stubborn maid refused to see doc when she was taking her medical check-up and slowly, slowly, pass the virus to my husband. Only then, she's willing to see the doc.

After my husband, the virus spread to my sensitive gal, Renise, who is still sick until now. Renise who later spread the virus to Reyna.

Renise was not coughing too badly, but it's prolonging the recovery. After she had been to the PD for the 2nd time after 2 weeks of coughing (she finished 2 bottles of Bambec before that), she was given the neuberlizer which she had to use it for 5 days 3 times daily. At the same time, Rachel got the virus back and visit the PD for the very first time, this time they spent me a total of $360!

They visited the doc for a total of 3 times (PD) and with these series of doc visit, Renise needs to continue 2 expensive type of medicine for 3 MONTHS and Rachel & Reyna are put on antibiotics.

Hiaz..... Financial crisis doesn't seems to affect the business at the PD's clinic.....

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I was very nervous since Thursday. This was my 3rd attempt for my driving license. For the 1st 2 times, I failed because I had mounted the kerb which had never happen during practise. It was my bad luck.

Yesterday, I took my 3rd attempt. After going through what had happened in the 1st 2 tries, I was even more nervous and stressed. This was my 3rd attempt, I can't afford to fail again! And this will be my very last try as I do not have that much of extra cash to continue for the 4th attempt. I was really stressed.... The kind of feeling.... was really hard to describe.... It was a nightmare to me.... I couldn't sleep well the day before. The moment I closed my eyes, the incident of my mounting kerb reappeared before me....

My test time was 3.45pm, it was a looong wait from the moment I woke up and opened my eyes till the practise time at 3pm. My friend took the test on the same day with me but she was in the morning session. When she told me she had gotten her license, I was even more stressed..... Can't afford to fail, I've told myself.

During the test, I was extra careful in the circuit. Circuit 4, which was a S-curve, was my 1st circuit during the test. I was extremely careful and went through it safely. But after this circuit, I think I was nervous, but I think the tester was even nervous than me. :P I was asked to turn right, as per my instructor teaching, I have to go forward to the right moving lane before turning right, but the tester was so nervous that he thought I wanted to go straight. :P After turning right, I was asked to turn left again which was almost immediate, but don't know why, I went forward, thinking he was asking me to turn left at the junction instead of the test circuit to do a parking test, but I managed to turn left on time.

I was told to do a reverse parking, again, due to nervousness, I've kind of "miss" out the proper steps and reacted slow on my steering wheel, but when I realised I was very close to 1 side, I made an extra manovuer to make sure I didn't hit the pole. But as I was about to move forward, the tester stopped me and said that I've striked the kerb. The inside me told me I couldn't have strike the kerb and as I was looking around checking whether I striked the kerb, I opened my door to see and luckily I did that, otherwise points will be deducted as I did not strike the kerb. I was given another time to do the parking properly and this time I managed to do it right. While leaving the parking lot, he again said I striked kerb which I did not feel it. But I don't think I had striked the kerb anyway.

The whole process was a long time for me as I failed twice in the circuit, but everything well on smoothly after that and managed to exit the circuit without much points deducted. All in all, I've did well in the driving test (and I'm glad... phew!) and managed to pass the test with only 8 dermits points.

Finally! I can drive my car around!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st Bicycle Experience

Rachel had received a bicycle for her birthday! It's her first bicycle!

On Monday, we finally found a chance to bring her for a ride in her new bicycle. Initially, we had intended to bring her cycle around the estate, but while on the way out, we realised it's not a good idea, haha, cos she was so unsteady with her new bike and with 2 sisters in lug, we abandoned the idea and decided to just let her cycle at the open space downstair.

It's our mistake for not training her to ride her bike earlier. She still can't ride a 4 wheels bike! It's time to train her up.... but seeing her enjoying her bike on Monday nite, I found that she had grown....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5th Birthday Party

We had just celebrated Rachel's 5th Birthday @ Melville Park Condo last Sunday. It was an enjoyable party! The children enjoyed themselves very much!

We used almost a month to prepare her party. It wasn't easy, as we had just shifted our house. The coordination of the house moving, her party catering, preparation, packing and unpacking.... all at the same time. Luckily we had the help from all our relatives to get all the jobs done on time for her party.

As usual, I did a cake for her party, it's a Castle Cake! It was to match her birthday theme: Princess! Had prepared for it for almost a week to get it done. I was actually quite nervous, as I had never built a castle cake before, hence I searched around for advice and help. Hope to create the "wow" effect from her friends as well as myself.

I roped her in to brainstorm on the design and decoration of the cake. For it to be round or square and what to put on the castle. I had also roped in Renise help to prepare the turrets as well as the flowers decoration and the hearts. I think they had enjoyed themselves very much in the preparation of the cake. So, when all the heads and hands combined, this was what we had created:

No sure if you can see clearly the doves on the top of the turrets, she actually wanted in on the walls of the turrets, but I felt that doves should fly high, hence I suggested to her to be on top and she agreed to it. I'm acutally quite happy with the result except that I find the colours not bright enough. If ever I have the chance to create it again, will sure to do a bright bright colour castle.

More of her birthday party photos can be viewed here.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hihi to all, it's been quite sometimes since I last blogged.... Many things had happened during these times when I'm away. One of the major thing was that we had moved. The next big event coming up is Rachel's 5th Birthday Party Bash.

This is her 1st birthday bash as for the past 4 years, we only did small celebration for her either in school or at home. Since this is her 5th year and her circle of friends had increased, we decided to organise a birthday bash for her so that she can share her joy with her fellow friends.

The theme of this party will be Princess. I don't know why she loves Princesses so much and even her new room, she requested it to be pink! Hence, I've bought her a Pink Princess Dress to match the theme and will be doing her a Pink Castle Cake. I got her involved in the design of her cake so that she could share the joy of preparing for her party. She have been rather excited recently. I've also bought some items for her goodies bag and while I'm so worried she might bring it out to play before I can distribute it to her friends this weekend, I was told she dare not touch it at all as my mum had warned her if she spoil it, she will not have gifts for her friends! I can see that she's very much excited about her party, same as myself. I lost my sleep almost everyday stressing about her cake. It's my first attempt to create a castle and I hope I can create a beautiful cake for her!

Come back to the new house. We shifted in last 2 weeks. Initially, Reyna was abit lost. She kept walking up and down the house, looking so lost! The other 2 were quite alright. Initially, I was kind of worried that they may not be used to the new place. No more MRT train sound, no more car moving sound and the environment is totally different. I also have difficulties adapting to the new environment, but the children surprised me! Rachel & Renise managed to sleep through the night on the first day and they like their new room very much! Reyna managed to sleep through also except that she cried the moment she woke up early next morning and she's kind of shy to lie on her/our bed(Platform) initially as it's so different from our previous bed. Luckily, she got used to it quite fast.

Oh yes, there's another update. I've quitted my job...yes, again..... I hope I can work PT this time round and at the same time look after the welfare of my children. It's Rachel's wish that I stayed home with her, so I hope I can make use of these time to teach and "tame" them. GOD, pls give me the strength and PATIENCE!!!

Ok, that's all for the updates and keep a lookout for this blog again as I will be uploading the party photos soon after this week. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jacob Ballas Garden

Finally, after hearing of this place for so many times, we had the chance to visit it today!

Woke up at 8am, started preparing breakfast before we headed to Jacobs Ballas Garden.

I had heard from fellow forumer that there are a few carparks around the Singapore Botanic Garden and only 1 is near to the JB Garden. SH told in her blog that she parked somewhere far and walked quite a distance to reach the place. In order not to follow her footsteps, we tried our best to look out for JB garden carpark. We thought we had found the place, but we were wrong!! We parked at Carpark A and it's was a distance to JB!

We walked and walked, everytime we walked past a carpark, we thought this should be the nearest carpark, but we had walked past at least 2 carparks before we reached the actual JB Carpark! It was less crowded there! We waited for abt 15mins at Carpark A before we can actually parked as the carpark was fulled.

After 20 mins walk, we finally reached JB!! When we entered the park, Reyna was sitting in the pram quietly, when we reached the photosynthesis area, I let her out of the pram, then she got so excited!! Keep wanting to go and turn the handle on the box!! I don't know what will happen, cos I tried turning it, I can't see anything changes or popped out. :P

Ok, look at all these pictures... the gals had enjoyed very much with the place.... except for Reyna who has yet appreciating it :P

Monday, August 4, 2008

Smoked Blender

I "smoked" my 6 years old blender!!! Haha, I find it very funny, I thought this scenerio can only be found in sitcom or comedy, but it actually happened to me.

I was trying to make some dark chocolate ice cream, but the recipe required the use of an ice cream maker. As I do not have the ice cream maker, I used the blender to blend the ice cream after it had been frozen. It took me quite some time to blend the ice cream till milk shake form, but luckily, it managed to turn into milk shake before the blender "smoked" on me... There's smoke coming out from the motor!! I wondered what happened? Was it I overheated the blender or the water from the condensation dripped into the motor and causing it to smoke.

Anyway, that will be my last use of the blender as well as my last batch of ice cream till I buy an ice cream maker, which is impossible as it's super ex or a new blender which can use to churn the ice cream.